Learn how to Confidently Play Harp

(For Beginners & Intermediates)

This course includes

Are You A Passionate Harp Musician who is ready and keen to advance to higher levels of playing your music?

Are you yearning to learn better hand positioning and finger technique and authentically express yourself through harp?

Are you searching for performance psychology skills required to conquer your fear, overcome self doubt and believe in yourself so you can confidently play your harp before others instead of cowering away!

The Premium Harp Tutoring Course is for you if:

You Will Learn:

The Premium 6-module Harp Course is for you if you have a deep yearning in your soul to play harp for yourself, your friends and bring value to the planet.


“Patricia has a lovely friendly , encouraging disposition which enables the learner to relate easily to her and to the teaching/tutoring. She carefully monitors the learning, correcting were relevant and consolidating what is learned. I am happy to have her as a tutor and I look forward to my weekly lessons” — Monica.

“Patricia has a natural gift of teaching and makes me feel comfortable. She has a knowledge and wisdom of making things easily understood” – Aoife.

“Patricia’s talents and experiences lent a certain insightfulness to her teaching. It is as though I could see and feel the musicality and imagery inside myself”
— Elaine

This course includes

Why Enroll?

Professional Content

Over the past 30+ years Patricia has followed her musical vocation as a powerful highly sought after harp teacher within the industry. She has taught thousands of harp students! What makes her stand out as being different is her ability to gain outstanding results in developing confidence, better hand and finger technique and performance psychology skills. All of this leads to students confidently playing their harp before audiences regardless of fear, overwhelm and stage fright.

On completion of this course, you will have developed:

1. Better hand and finger technique 

2. Precise focus

3. Skills to eliminate tension

4. Better confidence and stamina


You’ll walk away with the ability to give high quality performances, connect with audiences and portray yourself as a competent musician.

With this program you get

Affordable Price

Get all of this for just £120.


The Premium Harp Tutoring Course is for you if you as a harpist are a growth oriented person who will implement the plan being taught so you freely and confidently express your harp music!

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Meet Your Instructor

All Ireland Harpist Patricia Daly, who has performed before the Pope and Presidents is a leading sought after harp teacher who has a strong passion helping others improve their skills through her unique style of teaching.


Her personality, vibrant ideas for new creative work and connecting with people all go towards helping her students develop and grow naturally.


Over the last 30+ years Patricia has taught thousands of harp students to develop self confidence, hand & finger technique and musicality


There aren’t any courses out there right now like this. This course integrates the resurgence of an ancient music modality which has been medically and scientifically proven as successful and the hand/finger technique exercises inclusive of pieces allowing you to conquer your fear and gain better confidence and skill set to play your harp before audiences flawlessly!

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The course is delivered ONLINE in six teaching modules. There are monthly focus calls and accountability calls which offer an extra layer of support giving you personalized help.

If you’ve stopped playing for a while and you want to get back to it, do not hesitate to watch the videos of the techniques. You will soon find your abilities coming back. This is why we have our monthly focus call and accountability call so you can receive a hands-on approach offering extra support from Patricia.

Not to worry! Patricia will help you step by step. If you want someone to hold your hand in support, Patricia is your girl! Patricia is on a mission to help you perform with confidence because she sees a world of confident harp-musicians bringing value to the world.